What to Do if Involved in an Accident with an Instacart or Door Dash Driver

As the popularity of driving for food delivery services such as Instacart and Doordash become increasingly popular ways for people to make some extra money, the chances of becoming involved in an accident with one of these drivers while they are on the job also increases. It is important to know what to do should this occur.

So what should you do if you are involved in an accident with a delivery driver for Doordash or Instacart?

Much of the procedure for getting into an accident with a driver for Instacart of Doordash is the same as any other accident. You should obtain the information of the driver, including any insurance they have that is either their own or provided by the company they work for. Many times, food delivery companies require their employees to have their own insurance to supplement what is provided.

Unfortunately, even with coverage from the company and a separate insurance policy, the driver may not be covered for the accident. For instance, Doordash’s Occupational Accident Insurance covers only those who were injured in the crash and does not include coverage for the driver’s vehicle.

Document the Accident

You will want to document the accident and any damages your car sustained or injuries you suffered. Talking to a doctor can be helpful if you plan to file a lawsuit for compensation. They will be able to testify for you if necessary.

Contact Your Insurance Provider

Contacting your insurance provider is also an important step you need to take after the accident. You will want to talk to them about what you can do if the other driver’s insurance policy does not cover the accident. They will be able to help you navigate the other driver’s insurance policy and let you know what they will be able to cover instead.

Speak to an Attorney

If you feel that you are unfairly paying too much out of pocket for any damages sustained or believe another party involved should be paying, contacting a personal injury lawyer to ask about your options is the best course of action. An attorney will be able to help you navigate your insurance policy and that of the other driver(s), as well as be able to represent you should you need to file a lawsuit to pursue compensation. They may also be able to help you receive the best medical care possible if you need it.

An attorney will also be able to conduct an investigation into the accident to determine fault. Often, that determines who must compensate who. If the Doordash or Instacart driver is at fault, payment will fall to them and their insurance coverage. It can be helpful to have a way to prove this should the case need to go to court.

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