Does Caviar Delivery Service Offer Insurance for its Drivers?

Driving for a delivery service is an easy way to make some extra cash, especially given the uptick in demand for food delivery in recent months. Caviar is one of the companies that you may start to work for if you want to go into the food delivery service. Before you start working with Caviar, or any other food delivery service, it’s important to know whether or not you will be insured should you get into an accident, especially given the amount of time you will spend behind the wheel while working for a food delivery service. 

Does Caviar offer insurance for its drivers?

The answer is a bit more complicated than one might expect. According to the Courier independent contractor agreement that all Caviar workers are expected to sign, Caviar does not provide its workers with Workers Compensation insurance, meaning that you will not be able to collect workers’ comp unless you have your own insurance policy that allows you to collect it.

In addition to workers’ comp insurance, you are of course supposed to have your own automobile insurance. The company is clear about that on the agreement as well, saying: “If you choose to use a vehicle to make deliveries with Caviar, you must at all times maintain sufficient insurance to cover any risks and claims relating to the Delivery Services (as defined in Section 3(A) below) including, without limitation, commercial automobile insurance.” You will also be asked to provide the company with your relevant insurance information once you begin working there. 

Occupational Accident Insurance

However, the company does not leave you to completely fend for yourself as some other food delivery services do. In fact, in 2018 the company established a system where it would provide its drivers with accident insurance called Occupational Accident Insurance. The move was in response to an accident in which one of their bike deliverers got into a fatal crash while making a delivery.

There are many great aspects of this insurance policy that drivers should know about. The first is that there is no grace period before you are eligible. Coverage kicks in as soon as you start working with Caviar. It is also free for all drivers, which means it does not take away from any earnings that a driver would make on their deliveries. You should remember, though, that you are only covered when making deliveries for the company, not all the time. So if you use your personal vehicle to make deliveries and get into an accident off the clock, this policy will not cover you.

Another positive aspect is that the policy does not only apply to the vehicle being driven, but also to the driver of the car. Drivers are covered in terms of medical expenses, and drivers on disability can be reimbursed up to half their typical weekly earnings. Should a driver die on the job, the company now offers $100,000 to their family as well in addition to providing any dependents with benefits. 

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