Injuries Caused by New Jersey Hit and Run Crashes

Hit and run accidents are devastating and lead to severe injury and even death. Recently a hit and run accident in Paterson, New Jersey, left at least six people injured and one person dead. A person stole a car and wreaked havoc all across the city. The offender struck a parked police vehicle, another parked vehicle, and several pedestrians. The car halted when it came into contact with a light pole. The Philly suspect ran away on foot and was eventually caught. However, the driver’s actions changed many lives in the commotion and chaos he left in his wake. While the hit and run driver was caught, it did not change his actions.

Many civilians are now forever changed, including one person who did not survive. Many New Jersey residents think hit and runs are minor, but this recent story shows us that injuries from a hit and run are life-altering. Wounds from a hit and run range, as do all other personal injury accidents. You will need to contact a New Jersey hit-and-run crash attorney if you are involved in a crash.

Common injuries

As with other car accidents, there is a wide range of injuries that a person will sustain. Several factors will contribute to the severity of those injuries as well. Some of the most common hit and run crash injuries our attorneys see are:

  • Neck injury: There are several neck injuries you can sustain from a hit and run, such as strains, dislocations, herniated discs, and whiplash.
  • Back injury: The most common car accident injury you will suffer is a low back injury, herniated disc, and fractures. These injuries often require years of treatment and can cause chronic pain.
  • Spinal cord trauma: When your spinal cord suffers an injury, you will be paralyzed. There is no recovery plan, and this is a permanent condition you will face.
  • Internal organ damage: Your internal organs all work together, and when one organ suffers an injury, it causes a domino effect of other injuries. Some of the affected organs are the kidneys, lungs, spleen, liver, heart, and bowels. Victims will undergo surgery and extensive medical treatment.
  • Lacerations: Cuts do not seem like a significant injury, but they are. Many items in the vehicle cause deep blemishes and scars for years to come.
  • Head injuries: The head is a susceptible area of the body, and it is the signal that gives messages to other areas of your system. There are physical, mental, and emotional effects. When your brain suffers an injury, it leads to a traumatic brain injury leaving a person with lifelong turmoil.
  • Psychological trauma: One of the most overlooked and often worst injuries is psychological trauma from a hit-and-run accident. When there is no negligent driver to hold responsible, victims face emotional trauma for years to come. Psychological injuries manifest as anxiety, depression, sleep disorders, and PTSD.

Wrongful death hit and run

The worst outcome from a hit-and-run accident is the death of a loved one. As the case above shows, New Jersey residents can die from a hit-and-run accident. A hit-and-run accident is often worse than a typical car accident. The other driver is in such a hurry to get away from the scene they end up causing more damage to the vehicles and others around. The driver of a hit-and-run car tries to get away from authorities causing additional crimes. They do not care about others on the road even though they should. Their aggression and speed cause severe injury and death. While a wrongful death lawsuit cannot bring a loved one back, it does hold the other person accountable for their actions.

Call a New Jersey Hit and Run Crash Attorney

After a hit-and-run accident, the key to obtaining justice is to find the driver. The faster we can begin an investigation, the better chance of finding the driver. While the case in New Jersey is unique since the driver was caught the same day, this does not always happen. The hit and run driver is often captured days or weeks later with the help of the public and some investigation. After a hit and run injury, you need to immediately call the Philadelphia hit and run crash attorney from Kwartler Manus, LLC at (267) 457-5570.

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