How Is Fault Determined In a Winter Weather Accident?

In Philidelphia, it’s no surprise to see roads littered with snow and black ice each winter. Snow is something us Philadelphians are pretty versed in, but what about when you’re in a car accident due to winter’s fury?

When you find yourself the victim of a car accident with snow involved, it’s safe to say that the first thought for any of us would be “IF IT WEREN’T FOR THIS SNOW I WOULD HAVE BEEN FINE!”

Unfortunately, the weather isn’t the person being held liable, as drivers have a duty to drive safely no matter what weather conditions are thrown their way.

To help prevent getting into an accident due to the weather conditions brought upon us from winter, we’ve put together a list of common reasons people get into weather-related accidents.

Some of the most common reasons for getting in an accident due to bad weather are:

  • Not being prepared – Make sure you are paying close attention to the road, as there are often changes with the weather.
  • Not clearing ice and snow from your car – Clearing snow will increase visibility.
  • Driving too fast – Speed limit signs posted are based off optimal weather conditions, meaning it’s necessary to slow down to stay safe in harsh weather conditions.
  • Not leaving adequate stopping space – When there is ice/snow on the ground, it’s very important to leave more room to stop than you would normally, as the snow may result in unpredictable braking patterns.
  • Losing control when the car begins to slide – If you begin to slide on ice, don’t make any sudden movements. Instead, take your foot off the gas and brakes and steer in the direction you wish to go.

Although weather conditions are a factor of the equation when determining fault in an accident, they are only one of many. An experienced Personal Injury attorney will be able to ask the right questions and determine the true fault of the accident.

Don’t let a negligent driver get away with causing an accident. If you were injured by a negligent driver due to weather conditions, our award-winning legal team would love to assist. Call us today at (267) 457-5570 and discover your rights and options. Let us help hold the negligent parties accountable for their actions.

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