Driving The Roosevelt Boulevard? Follow These 10 Tips For Safe Traveling

Do you feel like you’re risking your life when driving on Roosevelt Boulevard? You’re not the only one. This has been one of the most dangerous roads in Philadelphia for quite some time. Fortunately, there are some safety tips that you can follow when driving on this road. Here are 10 safety tips that may help save your life while you’re driving on Roosevelt Boulevard.

Avoid driving during rush hour

Everyone knows how congested the roads are during rush hour. Between 6- 9 a.m. and 4 – 7 p.m., you can expect to see hundreds if not thousands of drivers getting to their destination.

When the roads are this busy, aggressive and distracted driving is at an all-time high. When you can, try to avoid driving during these times.

Avoid driving in inclement weather conditions

Another time to avoid driving on this road is during any inclement weather condition.

Roosevelt Boulevard is dangerous enough during great weather conditions. When it snows or rains, the road can become even more dangerous.

It also doesn’t help that drivers continue to speed during these conditions.

If possible, limit your travels on this road during rain or snow. If you’re already in this area, reduce your speed and increase your following distance.

Be a great defensive driver

Being a great defensive driver can help you avoid an accident.

Great defensive drivers stay aware of their surroundings at all times. It involves almost predicting what the drivers around you will do. Anticipate and watch for the moves of all of the drivers surrounding you.

Pay close attention to the signs

Roosevelt Boulevard can be confusing, to say the least. The area possesses six 12-foot wide lanes that travel in either direction.

In addition to that, there are a couple of local and express lanes that require drivers to switch lanes constantly. These conditions almost guarantee a few car accidents to happen.

Be very diligent with the road’s signs. Even if you miss your exit, avoid making sudden turns or cutting off other drivers.

Stay alert and focused

Just as important, you want to stay alert and focused while riding in this area. You don’t just have to worry about other drivers.

There are pedestrians and cyclists who frequent this area. Unfortunately, Roosevelt Boulevard is not the safest environment for these groups.

There are little crosswalks for pedestrians to use, and pedestrians have to travel for long distances to get to the nearest crosswalk.

Make sure to stay alert for the presence of pedestrians and cyclists, especially at nighttime.

Yield to pedestrians

Also make sure to yield the right of way to pedestrians and cyclists. Because of the dangerous nature of Roosevelt Boulevard, pedestrians have to take their chances when crossing the street.

Whether pedestrians are in the crosswalk or not, they always have the right of way. Remember this when you come across a pedestrian attempting to cross the road.

Stay close to the right lane

Another safety tip is to stay as close to the right lane as possible.

While rush hour is the busiest time to travel on Roosevelt Boulevard, nighttime isn’t much better. Drivers take advantage of the additional space on the road by speeding.

Drivers are used to traveling at 70 miles per hour instead of 45. To avoid getting hit by a speeding driver, it’s best to remain as close to the right lane as possible.

Maintain a safe driving distance

Maintaining a safe driving distance can also prevent you from tailgating or being the victim of tailgating.

All it takes is one second for a car accident to happen, especially if a car is too close to you. Be very aware of the brake lights with the car in front of you. That is the best indicator that you need to slow down.

You also want to stay aware of what each car next to you and behind you is doing. This leads into the next safety tip: paying attention to merging.

Pay close attention to lane switching

Because of the local and express lanes, it is almost expected for confused drivers to unexpectedly switch lanes.

These situations can cause drivers to crash into one another. Be very diligent of cars needing to switch lanes, especially as you get closer to a local or express exit.

Limit distractions while driving

Another great safety tip is to limit the amount of distractions as you’re driving.

There is already enough going on at Roosevelt Boulevard that can cause a serious accident. You don’t need to increase your chances by checking your cell phone at the wrong time.

Remain as focused as possible and keep your eyes and mind on the road. If you need to, safely pull over on the shoulder and address whatever needs your attention.

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