Car Accidents in Philadelphia

Due to its’ historical physical landscape and large population, car accidents in Philadelphia are unfortunately all too common. With the steady increase in car crashes within the city, from 10,688 car accidents in 2009 to 11,003 in 2018, many people have sought out personal injury claims for any physical and mental damage they might have endured. Here you can learn more about the commonality of these accidents in Philadelphia and why you or a loved one might be eligible to file claims after having experienced an accident.

According to the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, in 2019 Philadelphia had a total of 11,120 motor vehicle crashes, making up 8.9% of the state’s total crashes. Of these accidents in Philadelphia 8.7% resulted in fatality and 7,420 (13.3%) resulted in other injuries. However, it is not only car owners who may be eligible to file claims for personal injury due to car accidents. Philadelphia is the 6th largest populated city in the world and home to many bicyclists and fast-moving pedestrians. If you have a sustained an injury from any type of accident involving a motor vehicle, you could have a basis for personal injury claims.

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