Am I Protected as a Doordash Driver?

As a delivery driver, you may question just how safe your job is. While it can be a fairly simple process to get started, after some time, you may notice that it can be a dangerous job. After all, you are entering food places you are unfamiliar with and coming into close proximity to people you may not have otherwise.

There are also the dangers on the roadways you drive each day. There are an insurmountable number of cars on the road and this means there is the potential for an accident at every turn. If you are injured as a DoorDash driver you should contact a Philadelphia DoorDash accident attorney to discuss your options.

Occupational Accident Policy

While DoorDash delivery drivers are considered independent contractors, DoorDash has a program that may cover injuries on the job. The policy will allow drivers who suffer injuries to file a claim and obtain compensation. The good news is that you are automatically covered under this policy and do not need to enroll. There are also no co-pays, premiums, or deductibles to worry about. This policy covers injuries sustained while making a delivery. Coverage includes:

  • Medical expenses up to $1,000,000
  • Disability payments up to 50% of drivers weekly pay
  • Survivors payments up to $150,000

This policy does not cover property damage and it is unclear if this covers car accidents which is why you may still need to contact a Philadelphia DoorDash accident attorney to discuss your options.

What is SafeDash?

DoorDash has partnered with ADT to create a new system that aims to keep drivers safe. It allows a driver who feels unsafe to connect with an ADT agent using the DoorDash app. The agent will contact 911 if they lose contact with the driver and will stay on the phone until the driver reaches a space where they feel safe.

There is also another button that drivers can press on the app that will alert ADT that emergency assistance is required. This may be needed if the driver is unable to talk on the phone but is able to text. The ADT agent will continue a text conversation back and forth with the driver until emergency services arrive.

The reason behind these added features has been the uptick in attacks on food delivery drivers. There have been several cases of drivers being assaulted while delivering food whether it be due to a random act of violence or a wrong address. No matter the reason, drivers should be kept safe while doing their job and DoorDash is attempting to do the right thing with these new features. However, if you are injured while on the job you may have other legal options and should discuss them with a Philadelphia DoorDash accident attorney.

DoorDash Insurance Policies and Car Accidents

As a DoorDash driver, you are required to maintain your own updated car insurance. If an accident were to happen, you would be required to first go through your insurance company before going through the DoorDash insurance policy. Another requirement for use of this policy is that the accident must have occurred during an active delivery. This means you must have accepted a delivery when the accident happened. If the delivery is canceled or you are logged into the app but have not accepted a delivery this would not allow you to claim benefits under the delivery insurance policy. If you are involved in an accident and are confused about your options you will need to contact a Philadelphia DoorDash accident attorney.

Your Legal Options after an accident

While DoorDash has implemented various programs and policies to keep drivers protected, this does not exempt them from liability. If you have been injured while working for DoorDash or are involved in a car accident while using the app, contact a Philadelphia DoorDash accident attorney to discuss your options. Call Kwartler Manus LLC at (267) 457-5570 today.

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