What Should I Do If Injured by a Falling Object at a Philadelphia Walmart?

In Philadelphia alone, it may seem like there is Walmart everywhere you turn. The company has the numbers to back up its successful enterprise. There are more than $36 million in sales each hour at Walmarts across the country. Since so many Americans rely on Walmart for their daily needs there are bound to be accidents. If you are ever injured while shopping at Walmart you have to remember that you have rights and may be entitled to compensation.

Philadelphia personal injury attorneys who specialize in Walmart injuries can provide the most effective representation for you. Attorneys make sure you understand your rights and at the same time file a claim on your behalf.

Report the Incident Immediately

The moment you are injured at Walmart, you should report the accident to an employee, preferably a manager or supervisor. It is extremely crucial that you seek medical attention as well because some injuries can have deadly consequences.

If you are able to, you want to document as much of the incident as you can, take pictures of the accident scene, and collect as much information as you can from witnesses. Always follow up with medical care because you are limited to a certain amount of time to claim compensation for your injuries. You can discuss your options with an experienced accident attorney.

Seek Compensation for Your Injuries

You can sue Walmart for particular accidents, like falling. The store is a business so by law the company has a duty to keep the premises safe for customers at all times. Should you slip on a wet spill or trip over a product or piece of equipment you could have a valid case on your hands. You must be able to prove that you fell because of the negligent Walmart employees though.

Causes of Walmart Accidents

Any settlements you receive from your personal injury case will depend on the damages you have and the strength of your case under the law. A Walmart accident can occur due to:

  • Falling over products, packaging, or equipment
  • Trips and falls over other individuals
  • Falling objects from high shelves
  • Car accidents in the Walmart parking lot
  • Assault and battery
  • Parking lot falls on water, ice, or debris
  • Slips on wet surfaces
  • Injuries caused by products in the store

Essentially, any accident that happens on a Philadelphia Walmart premises may qualify for legal liability.

File the Claim in the Correct Jurisdiction

After an accident at Walmart, where you file your claim holds weight. Most of the time you can bring your case to the local court where the accident occurs. For instance, if you are hurt in a Philadelphia Walmart you file the case in a state court that is located in Philadelphia.

There is also the option to bring the claim to the location in which Walmart has its headquarters. Be sure to review all the different laws and deadlines with an attorney. That way you can be confident that you are fully aware of the legalities of your situation.

A majority of the time, claims for accidents at Walmart fall under premises liability. In order to effectively prove your case, witness accounts, medical records, bills, photographs and other forms of evidence must be present. If you can demonstrate how the accident occurred, you, therefore, show how Walmart officials could have prevented the accident by implementing reasonable care and caution.

Protect Your Rights After a Premises Liability Accident

Overall, it is up to the victim to prove the case. There is still a legal obligation that Walmart is held accountable for in relation to the safety of all customers. Be aware of strict limits when filing your case. The sooner you contact an attorney, the sooner they can fight for justice. This will also increase your chances of financial compensation. The Philadelphia premises liability attorneys at Kwartler Manus have your best interests at hand. Call us today at 267-457-5570 to schedule a consultation.

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