What Can I Do After Suffering an Injury in a Rite Aid Slip and Fall?

While there may be many things to get while at Rite Aid, such as prescription medications or general items, one thing you never want to get is a life-changing injury. Slip and fall injuries occur when you absolutely least expect it, but you can at least prepare yourself for a plan following an occurrence.

Slip, trip, and fall accidents often occur due to negligence on behalf of the property owner, management, or employees. In the scenario of hazard ignorance and/or negligence, you may be entitled to compensation via a liability claim.

Kwartler Manus, LLC specializes in personal injury claims and can assist you in recovering your losses and pursuing the justice you deserve. You can schedule a free consultation with our lawyers 24/7 by calling (267) 457-5570 or sending a message online.

What to do After Falling

Your personal safety must always come first after suffering a slip and fall accident. You should never make any sudden movements or stretches after falling. Do not immediately rise back to your feet, either. This can compound an injury leading to serious damage, especially if it is to your back or spine.

Take a breath and check yourself first for any sharp pain in your back, lumbar, neck, or spine or tingling sensations in your arms and legs. If any of these feelings are present, you should remain on the ground until paramedics arrive since you may have a serious back injury.

If you are able to move, seek medical treatment immediately.

What Evidence Should I Gather?

Before leaving the premises, you should gather evidence at the accident scene if your injuries are manageable. You can take photos with your cellphone or standalone camera documenting the hazardous item in question, whether that be spilled liquids, cracks in sidewalk pavement, or exposed wires or cords. Take photos of yourself and any visible injuries as well. If oil, grease, or lotion is present on your clothes as a result of the slip, take photos of that as well.

Write a summary of what occurred before, during, and after your fall, as well as notate the date of the incident. You should tell the nearest management on site to ensure that there is independent documentation on an official record. The absence of an accident report can hurt your claim, so you should request a copy of it before leaving the premises.

You should also write down the names and contact information of anyone who saw you fall. They could serve as eyewitnesses in your claim against Rite Aid. If you fell inside or in front of the store or parking lot, chances are it was in front of a surveillance camera. Ask for a copy of the footage to help build a stronger claim.

What to do After Leaving Rite Aid

You should always see a doctor after suffering a slip and fall injury. They can help diagnose exactly what has been hurt and put you on course for a faster recovery. Seeing a doctor will also document the fact that you did what you could to mitigate your losses as much as possible, rather than aggravating your injuries by avoiding an appointment. Get copies of your medical records related to the accident, such as x-rays, test results, treatment bills, and other paperwork to be used in your case.

Take these documents along with your accident report to Rite Aid’s insurance company to file a claim against their policy. After filing, you should contact an attorney for advice.

How Kwartler Manus, LLC can Help

Many people who suffer from slip and fall accidents lose out on their opportunity to file a lawsuit because they wait too long. The statute of limitations on filing personal injury claims in Pennsylvania is two years after sustaining the injury. Gathering the evidence to build a strong case on your own can be unforeseeably laborious.

Our premises liability attorneys can assist in advising you on how to proceed after filing your claim with Rite Aid. We understand how difficult it is to suffer from a serious injury. Our team has over 40 years of combined experience dealing with personal injury claims. We can help get you started on the right path to compensation for your losses. We’re available 24/7 to assist you with your legal battle and will fight with perseverance and expertise on your behalf.

Having a skilled, proven team by your side can make all the difference in successful claims, so don’t delay in reaching out for advice. Complete our contact form to schedule a consultation today.

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