Slip and Fall Accident Dangers at the Cherry Hill Mall

If you have been one of the many who have been injured at the Cherry Hill Mall in a slip and fall accident, you should be aware of how serious the injuries can be. You should also know you are entitled to compensation for what you have gone through.

A Cherry Hill slip and fall attorney helps victims recover money from damages sustained due to the negligence of the property owner or other responsible parties. When you are comfortable and ready to speak with a dedicated attorney about your claim, give the New Jersey slip and fall accident attorneys at Kwartler Manus a call today. Our lawyers guide you through the recovery process all the while working diligently to hold those at fault financially accountable.

Common Causes of Cherry Hill Slip and Fall Accidents

A hazard on anyone’s property holds the risk of causing a slip and fall accident. The main reasons for these hazards can be associated with spilled liquids, defective stairs, missing handrails, and uneven pavement. Regardless though, any hazardous condition can be the foundation for the need of a Cherry Hill slip and fall attorney.

Can I File a Slip and Fall Claim?

Most definitely. In fact, you should consider it. When you file a slip and fall claim you may be entitled to financial compensation to pay the costs of medical bills and other related expenses.

Should I Hire an Attorney for My Claim?

Without a doubt, yes. Hiring a premises liability attorney will make the recovery process much easier for you. Our lawyers have research to support the fact that accident victims who work with us end up securing 3.5 times more compensation than those you aren’t represented.

What Should I Do When I Have Been Injured in a Slip and Fall Accident?

In the moments following a slip and fall accident victims will often experience a great sense of confusion. This is because one minute everything is fine and the next you find yourself on the ground or laying in a hospital bed. Now, the thought of filing a claim may not be at the forefront of your mind, it is still wise to consider taking certain steps to protect yourself.

It is no surprise property owners and insurance companies will do everything they can to reduce or even eliminate their liability regardless of the fact that they may have been at fault. Hence, if you have been injured in a slip and fall accident at Cherry Hill Mall, it is essential that you report the accident immediately. Reporting the accident might seem trivial, but it holds significant weight in determining your recovery.

Then, you want to collect whatever evidence you can by conducting your own investigation. This includes taking pictures of what caused the accident in the first place and speaking with any witnesses who may have seen what happened. Once you do that, seek medical attention immediately.

When you receive prompt medical care after your accident it is important to you, your health, and your claim to secure documentation. After you take care of your health and injuries, reach out to one of our attorneys at Kwartler Manus.

Schedule a Personal Injury Consultation Today

These claims are complex and involve many legal principles that a lawyer would have no problems attending to. You don’t want to risk jeopardizing your claim by attempting to talk with the insurance company on your own. It is not worth the price you will end up paying. Alternatively, give the New Jersey personal injury attorneys at Kwartler Manus a call today. Let us handle the property owner’s insurance company. Our attorneys protect you and your interests while fighting on your behalf for compensation. Schedule a consultation by calling (267) 457-5570 today.

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