Should You Avoid Trampoline Parks With Your Kids?

Trampolines are very popular among kids and adults but they can be quite dangerous nonetheless. Regardless of whether or not kids are supervised at an indoor park or jumping on a trampoline in the backyard, there is always a risk for injury. This type of activity has proven to be inappropriate and dangerous for play.

Recommended Use of Trampolines

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that trampolines should only be used by athletes in training for sports such as gymnastics, who are properly supervised by a coach. Research displays that as the weather becomes warmer there is an increase in outdoor injuries. This correlates to kids being inside for most of the winter season.

Kids are anxious to get outside and play so trampolines and bike accident rates tend to rise. Injuries sustained outside on a trampoline for instance have the potential to be severe where surgery is required to treat a patient. Fractures, concussions, head and neck injuries, sprains and strains are among the most common when it comes to trampolines.

For a better understanding, research will conclude that kids are injured on trampolines often. As a parent or guardian, you will hear kids pleading and reassuring that they will be fine. Take a look at some data collected that will help you stand your ground.

There are roughly 100,000 trampoline injuries per year among kids. The key takeaways are due to:

  • Small children are 14 times more likely to get hurt than bigger kids
  • Three-quarters of all trampoline injuries happen when there is more than one kid jumping at a time
  • Falls are the major reason for injury. Somersaults and flips can result in cervical spine injuries with permanent disabilities.

Trampoline Parks

Trampoline parks will require a waiver form to be filled out and signed upon entry. These forms have the sole intention of protecting the park against negligence suits in case a guest is injured on site. These waivers do not apply to gross negligence or an intentional injury. This explains why there are signs posted throughout the parks, so they aren’t held liable for injuries that occur on the premises. When a guest signs a waiver, they are agreeing that they understand the risks associated with their participation and waiver the right to sue the business.

A legal claim can get tricky and messy, so best to avoid trampoline parks altogether.

There are plenty of safer outdoor activity alternatives to encourage kids to do instead of jumping on a trampoline. Other safer forms of physical activity include, frisbee, hiking, playing catch or going for a bike ride- as long as you wear a helmet.

Now, if you already own a trampoline, and you plan on keeping it and using it, be sure to follow some safety rules at all times. Enforce that only one person is permitted to jump at a time, make sure all the springs are covered, install a safety net around the perimeter of the trampoline, ensure the trampoline is set on level ground, avoid somersaults and flips, and provide adult supervision at all times. It may be tempting to read a book or scroll through a smartphone on social media when at a trampoline park. The bottom line is, don’t do it. You can’t rely on park employees to provide that supervision because they are watching many people at the same time.

It is an unfortunate part of reality, but injuries still occur despite proper adult supervision. Due to the overall risk, many homeowners’ insurance policies don’t cover trampoline injuries. The most effective and safest way to avoid trampoline injuries is to just stay off them and avoid trampoline parks with your kids.

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