Local Crime Stats and Your Negligent Security Case

Earlier this month we explained what is needed to prove a negligent security case, along with explaining what it means to have adequate security. While the details and specifics of each case may change, there are certain things that will define a case.

Some of the most important contributing factors include:

  • The type of premises involved and what was being done to prevent crime at the time of the incident
  • The amount of criminal activity naturally occurring around the location
  • The history of the location’s previous crimes and/or similar incidents
  • The level of security the property owner claimed at the location

As you can see, many of these factors include looking at previous crime statistics around the location where the event took place to judge if the security was adequate or not. This means that regardless of the details of your case, one thing typically remains the same for all negligent security cases—local crime statistics are crucial in proving negligence.

A Closer Look at Crime Stats

Premises liability laws state that property owners legally take on the responsibility of keeping their property safe and secure for those who may visit. When a property owner opens their business or offers others to their property, they must ensure proper security measures are provided.

One of the most important factors for any property owner is to look at local crime statistics. They must be adequate for the amount of crime in their given location. Stats not only give the owner a heads up as to what to expect, but they can also be used against the property owner in the event of a negligent security case.

For example, if you were injured in Philadelphia and the crime stats for the area show a high amount of criminal activity, and the venue you were at had one security guard for 700 people. You will be able to show that the owner didn’t take local crime stats into account, due to the extreme lack of security that may have led to the accident.

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