How to handle on-the-job injury as an Amazon delivery driver

Amazon delivery drivers have been essential in getting packages and necessary goods to residents’ doors during a time when it is encouraged that everyone stay home as much as possible. While this work is always important, it became especially clear at a time when the country was encouraged to stay home. The necessity of this job does not prevent such workers from certain injuries, though.

Every job poses its inherent risks. Driving throughout the day and coming face to face with the public frequently inadvertently increases those chances. Below are some possible sources of injury that can be incurred while working as an Amazon delivery driver:

  • Automobile accident or(Can lead to whiplash, concussion, spinal cord and neck injuries, severed limbs, or worse)
  • Robbery of your work vehicle (Can lead to injuries incurred during a fight or altercation with the perpetrator)
  • Unloading and loading the truck (Can lead to pulling your back out, being struck by an object, dropping items on your arms or legs, etc.)

This is not an exhaustive list. Any injury you suffer while on the job as an Amazon delivery driver is subject to possible claims and compensation from a third party or your employer. There are some essential steps you must take to protect yourself and your interests.

Understand the procedures you must follow

The best way to protect yourself from an injury is to follow all the company policies and procedures in place. While driving, ensure you are following all state and city street laws. Be aware of pedestrians and other vehicles. All of these factors can help prevent an injury. In case you do suffer an injury, make sure you are informed of the appropriate steps to take for internal handling of the event. To be thorough, immediately contact your supervisor following the event and inform them of any losses and damages suffered by your person or company. Follow up on this in writing, if possible, and keep personal copies of this correspondence outside of your work materials.

No matter what steps you decide to take, understand that the event you are enduring is not your fault and you have every right to seek out assistance and compensation.

Seek out expert and professional help

In the event of workplace suffering, it is an unfortunate but likely fact that you will be your biggest advocate in the company. Employers will be less likely to recognize all the reparations you are owed, as it is in their best interests. The Philadelphia personal injury lawyers of Kwartler Manus will be the most strident fighters on your side. Their experience will help them guide you on how to handle this internal claim. They’ll be the best-informed when deciding the correct avenues for your specific case, all in the interest of reaping you the most rewards. When safety can’t be guaranteed, turn to the experts who ensure you are given who you are owed. Contact the knowledgable, experienced team at Kwartler Manus online or by phone at 267-457-5570 to schedule a complimentary consultation today.

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