Common Atlantic City Casino Accidents That Leave Guests Injured

The biggest playground for adults is none other than a casino. There are enough slot machines, drinks, shows, and plenty of interesting characters to make your time unforgettable. Guests just keep pouring in by the thousands at Atlantic City casinos which is a huge plus for the business to generate money.

With such a large number of guests every day, accidents are bound to happen. Whenever you or a loved one have been involved in an accident that resulted in injury at an AC casino, you have every right to expect fair compensation. A fair settlement though depends on knowing who is accountable for the injuries and how to build a strong case.

Popular casinos are large properties with basically every imaginable luxury offered to guests. These services are available both on and off the gambling floors. Casinos have a responsibility to keep their property and equipment safe and clean. As the saying goes, accidents happen.

Common Injuries at Casinos

Taking a closer look at the common casino accidents that leave guests injured we see the following:

  • Slip and fall
  • Food poisoning
  • Broken slot machine chairs
  • Shuttle bus injuries
  • Burns
  • Criminal activity

Among these types of accidents, slip and falls are the most common casino accidents. Visitors are injured by slipping and falling in casino restaurants, on the gambling floors, hotel rooms, on shuttle busses, around pools, and in parking lots.

Food Poisoning

Food poisoning can occur in a formal dining setting, room service, or fast food. Casinos serve thousands of meals so if food is left out too long, in unsanitary conditions, or employees with unclean hands serve food this is the likely culprit of food poisoning.

Damaged Chairs

If a guest were to sit in a broken slot machine chair, an injury is inevitable. These accidents happen all the time, especially in high-use areas. Casinos place hundreds of chairs in front of slot machines for visitors to sit and play games. With constant use and swiveling, the chairs break down which is why they can create injuries.

Shuttle Bus Accidents

Casinos tend to use shuttle buses to carry visitors to and from hotels or airports. Drivers who fail to drive responsibly are the main reason for accidents. Guests can easily fall if there are any obstructions in the aisle and the steps are slippery.


Burns are the result of excessively hot tap water. Hotel room appliances like irons, coffee makers, and hair dryers, if not properly maintained can be the source of burns. When a burn is serious enough, it can lead to infections and permanent scarring.

Security Issues

Last, but certainly not least, casino guests who carry a lot of cash, wear expensive jewelry, or are in the wrong place at the wrong time can be subjected to robberies. There are thieves who pilfer hotel rooms and guests may be assaulted or injured by pickpockets, muggers, and armed robbers.

Holding a Casino Liable

The casino is held liable when a guest’s injuries are due to the fact that casino management or an employee participated in negligent actions. Casino negligence can look like this:

  • Hiring unqualified employees- kitchen staff, security guards, and bartenders
  • Slippery floors due to leaks and spills
  • Poorly maintained furniture or equipment
  • Poorly maintained stairs, elevators, and escalators
  • Unsafe lighting
  • Lack of security
  • Failing to maintain the overall building and parking lots or garages
  • Overserving alcohol

Call Kwartler Manus Today

Casinos are held to a very high duty of care to protect their guests from injuries. However, casinos do not have to protect their visitors from every single incident that results in an injury- only those from accidents that prudent and reasonable casino managers are aware of or should be aware of that results in harm. When a casino owner or employee fails to do what is reasonable, then the casino is guilty of negligence. For a situation like this, a slip and fall attorney will have your back and fight for you. Call Kwartler Manus at 267-457-5570 today.

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