How is Vaping Linked to Cobalt Poisoning?

The use of vape pens like JUUL has increased greatly over the past several years, bolstered by marketing claims that these devices are a safer alternative to tobacco cigarettes. However, research demonstrates that vaping can be just as harmful, if not more. Studies have shown that vaping can lead to many of the same conditions as smoking cigarettes, including cobalt poisoning.

Vaping and Cobalt Poisoning

The heavy metal cobalt is used in making items like jet engines and diamond polishers. It is used by the body in small amounts as part of vitamin B-12, to help make red blood cells and maintain the nervous system. However, excessive amounts of the metal can lead to cobalt poisoning with symptoms such as vomiting, ear ringing, nerve damage, and goiter. Increased exposure can result in respiratory diseases, heart problems, and kidney damage.

Cobalt poisoning usually happens due to inhaling, swallowing, or having consistent contact with cobalt dust. It is mostly found in specific industries like those who make dental prosthetic devices. There is also evidence that the fluid and vapor of e-cigarettes contain cobalt and other heavy metals. A research trial concluded that the urine and saliva of vapers had equal amounts of metal as the liquid in their vape cartridges.

The Dangers of Vaping

Using vaping devices like JUUL has been proven to be just as harmful as smoking cigarettes, if not even more dangerous. If you or a loved one were diagnosed with cobalt poisoning after using e-cigarettes, reach out to our JUUL attorneys at Kwartler Manus, LLC. Our fierce legal team will discuss your situation and possible compensation. You may also qualify for compensation under the following conditions: 

  • COVID-19

  • Asthma

  • Pneumonia

  • Acute Respiratory Distress

  • Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome

  • Popcorn lung - Bronchiolitis

  • Pulmonary Embolism

  • Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)

  • Collapsed Lung

  • Heavy Metal Poisoning (including cobalt, cadmium, lead)

  • Heart Attack

  • Cardiac Arrest (or other cardiac conditions)


  • Neurological conditions (including strokes, seizures)

  • Respiratory disease

We know how hard it can be to heal from illnesses caused by using e-cigarettes, especially if the victim is somebody you love. Our dedicated attorneys at Kwartler Manus, LLC are determined to help those hurt by vape pen manufacturers like JUUL, and getting them the compensation they deserve. If you or someone you love developed cobalt poisoning from vaping, contact us online or by phone at (267) 214-8608 to discuss your potential case.


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