What to Do if You've been Injured in a Forklift Accident on-the-job

Forklift operators are essential to the facilities where they work: they load, unload, transport materials, and can even carry heavy-duty vehicles — such as cars — with their machines. The work of forklift operators is a pivotal step in the manufacturing process in any industry. Though important to the business’ overall production, the person most harmed by an injury incurred as a forklift operator is the individual. Even while facing this unfortunate event, there are steps you can take toward compensation.


Ensure your work environment is safe

Developing a safe workplace and protective workplace habits is the responsibility of your employer. Make sure you are following all necessary precautions to prevent the event of injury and ensure you are in compliance with current workplace standards. This leaves less room for you to be held responsible for any personal injury suffered while working as a forklift operator.


Record what led to the incident in question

When injured, it is important that you and anyone else impacted receive immediate medical treatment. If it seems that emergency medical attention is not necessary, it is still important to visit a doctor or urgent care center soon after to assess any damage that may not be outwardly apparent at first. Not only is this for the sake of your physical wellbeing, but it will also provide important evidence of the impact of the injury. That documentation is very important.

After you have taken those steps and appropriately responded to the injury on the day of or in the following days, consider what may have caused the incident. Was one standard policy not being followed or properly enforced? Was that policy never effectively established by the management of the facility? Did another employee put himself and others, including you, in grave danger? If you remember the potential cause of the incident, write down the specific details and save a copy independently. It would also be beneficial to independently confirm all of the elements that may have led to the incident, outside of your workplace’s supervision. Retaining all of your own copies of those materials is important, especially if you will pursue compensation via a third party’s assistance.


Fight for yourself

An injury experienced in a workplace environment is significant. It can lead to immediate pain and suffering and a long-term recovery process that hinders your day-to-day mobility. The financial cost is a quantifiable expense, but the psychological suffering can also be significant and shouldn’t be downplayed. All of these factors can impact your ability to continue your job, overall wellbeing, personal relationships, and many other previously steady life aspects.

If the injury you experienced as a forklift operator seems to have had a tangible impact on your life, it may be time to pursue compensation from your employer or another third party involved with the incident. The experts at Kwartler-Manus can be essential to developing your claim and helping you on the path toward resolution. Contact us online or by phone at 267-214-8608 to schedule a complimentary consultation today.


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