Electric Scooter Rentals: Who’s Liable in a Crash?

With electric scooter sharing companies such as Bird and Lime expanding their territory to include more and more cities across the country, people are finding more purposes to use these devices.

An increase in electric scooter riders also means an increase in the number of accidents. One big question still stands: who is liable when someone sustains an injury on one of these companies’ electric scooters?

Liability Is Determined by Who Is At-Fault

To determine who is liable for damages caused by an electric scooter accident, it must be determined who, or what, caused the accident.

Device Malfunction

A common cause of electric scooter accidents comes from the devices malfunctioning. While Bird and Lime scooters can only go 15 mph, an accident at this speed can still cause significant damage to both the scooter, rider, and bystanders.

Bird and Lime scooters both have user agreements on their websites. However, these can be lengthy and, if an injury is sustained due to a defective scooter, you could still have a case to prove that they are liable to compensate you.

Accidents With Vehicles

The rider of an electric scooter could be seriously injured if they collide with or are hit by a vehicle. Riders lack the physical protection that vehicle drivers have. Their motorized systems also allow riders to go fairly fast, which can be deadly if they crash with a vehicle that is also going at a rapid speed.

If this type of accident occurs, it needs to be determined if the driver of the vehicle was negligent. If so, the driver’s auto insurance provider will pay for the claim.

Pedestrian-Rider Accidents

Getting hit by an electric scooter as a pedestrian can cause severe injuries. This can also be an issue if riding an electric scooter is not permitted on sidewalks. If you are hit by a Bird rider, that person or their insurance company should be liable and may cover your claim.

When you hop on an electric scooter rental, it can be difficult to determine who is liable if damages do occur. If this is the case for you, look no further than Kwartler Manus. Our personal injury firm has years of experience helping accident victims determine who is liable for compensating them for damages and injuries sustained.

Contact our firm at (267) 457-5570 for a no-fee consultation to discuss your case.

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