How Do I Join a Mass Tort for Chemical Hair Straighteners?

The National Cancer Institute published a study showing that using chemical hair straighteners doubles the risk of uterine cancer. The study involved 33,000 women between ages 35 and 74 who used hair straightener products for an average of a decade and found that using them increased their cancer risk by 247 percent. Since then, women have been running to New Jersey mass tort lawyers for advice on what to do next. You can join the lawsuit if you have used a chemical hair straightener regularly for over seven to ten years and have been diagnosed with uterine cancer.

The companies in the lawsuit

Currently, five cosmetic companies are being sued for product liability for their negligent actions in creating and warning customers of these products. The first lawsuit was filed in October 2022 against L’Oreal, Soft Sheen/ Carson Inc, Strength of Nature Global, Dabur International, and Namaste Laboratories, LLC. The lawsuit alleges the company was aware or reasonably should have been aware of the risk their products posed to consumers. Instead of taking precautions, they manufactured, marketed, and sold them. There was no warning on the packaging about the risks. While there are currently five companies being sued, others can join as more research comes to light.

Which products does this include?

Any products from the manufacturers mentioned above that straighten or relax hair are eligible for the mass tort lawsuit. Examples of chemical hair straighteners include:

● Dark & Lovely, Ultra Sheet, etc.,
● ORS Olive Oil Hair Relaxer (Namaste, LLC)
● Just for Me (TCB Naturals/Godrej Consumer Products)
● Cantu Shea Butter Relaxer (Cantu Beauty/PDC Wellness & Personal Care)
● Motions (Strength of Nature Global, LLC)

As more research comes to light, other products will be added to this list, and you should discuss your options with a New Jersey mass tort lawyer.

Plaintiffs can still join the lawsuit.

Over 65.950 women were diagnosed with uterine cancer or other reproductive issues. The affected parties are primarily Black women, and 60% of the women in the study identified as Black. The study did include different ethnicities; Black women were prevalent. Frequent use applies to using the product at least four times annually. However, every use (using these products at least once in a lifetime) also increases your risk of uterine cancer. Women who use the products are not the only ones who can join the lawsuit; salon workers also face exposure and should therefore take steps to get compensation. Since these lawsuits are mass torts, many other plaintiffs can join.

What must we prove for compensation

Women who use hair straightening products at least once in their lifetime and have been diagnosed with endometrial or uterine cancer can join the mass tort lawsuit. These Lawsuits are considered cosmetic products that cause harm to users and fall under defective products in personal injury law. All plaintiffs must prove the manufacturers failed to warn of the dangers of use and they suffered an injury as a result.

Updates on the class action lawsuit

The latest update for the hair relaxer litigation is from January 2023, and a class action lawsuit is expected in a few weeks. The plaintiffs, in this case, continue to grow, which has led to the possibility of mass tort and class action litigation. There are expected to be around 25 lawsuits filed by the time they must decide on an MDL in February. Newer cases are alleging uterine fibroids, which are on the list of conditions from the Sister Study. Overall, New Jersey hair straightener mass tort lawyers expected there to be thousands of cases filed to make this the largest class action in United States history.

Kwartler Manus LLC can help

Our New Jersey mass tort lawyer has the experience and knowledge to handle your case through to the end. We will gather documentation and ensure you have a solid foundation to get the monetary compensation you deserve for your injuries and lifelong pain. There is a long fight ahead, and we are ready to go on this journey with you. Call Kwartler Manus, LLC for a consultation on your next steps in the hair relaxer lawsuit.

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