Benefits of a Class Action Lawsuit

Many benefits exist from joining a class action lawsuit after you suffer an injury from the negligent actions of a third party. A class action lawsuit is when several people who suffer the same or similar injury come together to file a lawsuit against the same or several companies. There is strength in numbers, and you will often see class action lawsuits against large businesses or corporations. Since the hair straightener lawsuit affects thousands of women, it is beneficial for plaintiffs to come together in a class action lawsuit and hold manufacturers responsible. You must speak to our Philadelphia mass tort lawyer to determine the next steps.

Why do people file class action lawsuits?

One person going against a large corporation like L’oreal can result in stress and the company laughing in your face. When the same company faces multiple people complaining of the same injury, they must take it seriously and remedy it. The hair relaxer lawsuits filed so far will likely end in a class action after a scheduled hearing in February 2023. The defendants, in this case, are opposed to this because they know it does not benefit them.

Courts favor class action lawsuits because they can hear the evidence and case presentation once instead of individually. Remember, you will have an individual damage assessment, but your case is heard along with everyone else. Some reasons you can file a class action case are:

● False advertising
● Breach of contract
● Defective medication
● Employee discrimination
● Illegal business practices

The benefit of class action litigation

Joining a class action lawsuit is beneficial because it will save you money. All the plaintiffs in the case are splitting the costs associated with the case. You will have access to more resources and not pay as much as you would if you filed as an individual. Many Philadelphia mass tort lawyers work on a contingency fee, so they only get paid once you get your settlement.

Compensation in class action lawsuits

You will have an easier path to financial recovery when you join a class action lawsuit. There is a lead case, that is also known as the face case because the first plaintiff is the face of all subsequent plaintiffs. There Is much apprehension in joining a case with many plaintiffs because people feel they will not get the compensation they deserve. The reality is you will obtain damages as an individual, and your Philadelphia mass tort lawyer must quantify your damages. One tip is to join a class action lawsuit sooner, as the funds can be fewer if you join later. The same can be said for any personal injury case, but more so for a class action.

The inner workings of a class action lawsuit

Class action lawsuits combine several cases into one, and that helps make the legal process smoother and quicker for all parties involved. One judge will operate and hear all sides. When one judge is in charge, they can more effectively distribute funds to the plaintiffs in the claim. All plaintiffs will name their face case, and those will be the lead attorneys, but each plaintiff will have a say in the case outcome. To enter a class action lawsuit, you must consult with a Philadelphia hair straightener mass tort lawyer.

Is it worth it?

Yes, a class action lawsuit is worth it regardless of how minor you believe your damages are. You will have more resources and opportunities to get justice for your ailments. You will also have more emotional support since you can share your stories with other plaintiffs. You’re not alone when you join a class action lawsuit, and it can help knowing there are others just like you. It also drives the point to the manufacturer that they cannot get away with their actions and must stop harming other people.

Kwartler Manus, LLC has the experience you need

If you have cancer after using hair relaxers or straightener products, you must take immediate action to begin a legal claim. You need lawyers to lead the charge and protect you from start to finish. Kwartler Manus, LLC is well-versed in mass torts, personal injury, and product liability. Schedule your hair relaxer lawsuit consultation today.

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