Uber & Lyft: Convenience at What Cost?

Ridesharing services such as Uber and Lyft are undoubtedly changing the way many of us go about our day-to-day activities. These services have made things like getting to work, going out drinking without worrying about how you’re getting home, and getting places without having to flag a taxi much more convenient.

But what price is paid for the convenience?


Well, safety is among the top of the list. These ride-sharing services were made to be easily accessible to anyone with a smartphone, including the driver—which is where the problems arise.

Reliance on Smartphones

The whole service is tied to the user’s cell phone, which means the driver must constantly have their eyes on their device to follow GPS updates, as well as new rider requests.

Your Uber driver having their eyes glued to their smartphone isn’t the only safety hazard you may experience during your time in an Uber or Lyft.

More Passengers Equals More Money

Because the main goal of being an Uber or Lyft driver is to make money, many of their drivers act accordingly.

What does that mean? Uber and Lyft drivers make their money by taking passengers from point A to point B. And? Meaning the quicker they can get their passengers to their destinations, the quicker they can get to the next, which means one thing—more money.

Drivers Under the Influence

Uber and Lyft drivers are independent contractors, not Uber or Lyft employees. While this doesn’t mean that all Uber drivers are unsafe, it does mean that mistakes happen.

Many of Uber’s and Lyft’s users turn to ridesharing when they are in need of a safe ride home, specifically following a night of drinking. This brings up the question—is Uber a surefire way to ensure you make it home safely?

There have been many reports of Uber drivers providing ridesharing services while under the influence, such as this Pennsylvania woman’s nightmare experience. While a driver under the influence may be rare, it is a possibility of which you need to be aware.

Self-Driving Cars

Self-driving cars are on the rise, and so should your concern for your safety. The biggest red flag with self-driving cars is the fact that Uber is testing them with real-life consequences. When something goes wrong, it’s not a test, it’s real lives that are being taken.

Like this accident in Arizona, where an Uber driver of a driverless car was watching an episode of The Voice who then struck and killed a woman crossing the street. While the car was in autonomous mode at the time of the accident, Uber requires their vehicles to have a back-up driver in case of events like these.

Proactive vs. Reactive

The common trend amongst all of these is human’s free will. All of these safety concerns are preventable. While it’s impossible to prevent the actions of others, there are things that can be done both to prevent (in the event that you choose not to ride with a driver you feel is unsafe) or repair (if you’ve been injured in a ridesharing accident) being involved in an unsafe Uber ride.


To be proactive is to ask yourself what is likely to happen and to act accordingly so that you get the best possible outcome.

Some proactive steps that can be taken in regards to ride-sharing services are:

  • Do not get into the vehicle if you feel your driver is under the influence of any substance
  • Don’t get into the vehicle if it smells like alcohol or drugs
  • Don’t get in if the vehicle isn’t in a safe condition

Keeping these pointers in mind may help you prevent an accident before it happens. In the event that you were involved in an Uber accident, there are some reactive steps to take.


When speaking about reactive behavior, it’s most commonly following an accident. If you found yourself the victim of an accident involving an Uber driver, there are some steps to take:

  • First, remain calm and be sure to follow the steps to take after an Uber accident. These steps ensure that all parties involved are safe first and foremost.
  • Once these steps have been taken, contacting a qualified Philadelphia personal injury attorney will give you the best chance at seeking the compensation you deserve.

How an Experienced Philadelphia Personal Injury Attorney Can Help

At Kwartler Manus, we work around the clock to pursue the most favorable outcome for our clients. Whether the accident you were involved in was due to a driver under the influence or just unfortunate timing, we want to help hold the negligible party responsible.

Our personal injury attorneys have the experience and knowledge to stand up against the big insurance companies that Uber and Lyft hire. We will fight for you to help you receive the compensation you are entitled to.

If you were injured in an accident involving an Uber or Lyft driver, contact us today at (267) 457-5570 to schedule your free case evaluation.

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