Navigating Roosevelt Boulevard As A New Driver

Being a new driver is already scary on its own, but being a brand new driver on Roosevelt Boulevard adds another layer of fear. As a new driver driving on this dangerous road, you want to be prepared as much as possible. Obtaining a driver’s license is one of the most exciting privileges of a young adult’s life; however, many new drivers don’t fully understand the safety risks and concerns that come with obtaining a driver’s license. New drivers often just see a big, open road of freedom. It’s important that new drivers recognize the dangers of being behind the wheel, especially on Roosevelt Boulevard.

Obey the Speed Limit

One of the biggest leading causes of car accidents on Roosevelt Boulevard is failing to obey the posted speed limit. New drivers can limit their chances of being a victim of a car accident by paying attention to the posted speed limit. Paying attention to your speedometer is necessary to make sure that you’re doing your due diligence to protect yourself and others from causing an accident. You don’t want to assume a speed limit because this can lead to negligent driving. If you’re worried about not knowing the speed limit of where you’ll be driving, you can search the speed limit for that specific road on the internet. Luckily, phones have map applications that show what the proper speed limits are. Informing yourself before you begin your drive can reduce any fears of driving and potential accidents.

Don’t Text and Drive

It’s so easy to become distracted by your phone when it’s easily accessible to you. New drivers run the highest risk of becoming a victim of texting and driving-related car accidents. Texting and driving can distract you from any potential hazards that may be prevalent on Roosevelt Boulevard. New drivers should make sure that they stay safe by putting down their phones while driving and only using the phone when the car is not in motion.

Pay Attention to All Road Signs

 Many roads have different traffic signs, signaling different directions and instructions, which can often feel very overwhelming and confusing. New drivers should be properly informed of all the traffic signs to ensure they recognize them when they come across them on the road. Traffic signs will signal you to where to go, if there’s a specific lane to take, detours, specific hours or days when you’re allowed to drive a specific lane, speed limits according to turns, and when you’re entering residential areas or a school area.

Give Other Drivers Enough Space on the Road

It is important that new drivers don’t follow other vehicles too closely. Always make sure that you have enough space between you and the car in front of you, in case you need to suddenly brake and stop to avoid getting into a car accident. You should always follow at a safe distance; however, the safe distance number can vary according to the vehicle and whether it’s a city or a highway.

Here is a list of safe distances to follow according to vehicle type:

Farm tractor: You should stay a safe distance of 50 feet, which is about 4 car lengths, between you and a farm tractor that typically has a max speed of 25 mph.

Snow Plows: Since snow plows typically travel slower than 55 mph, you should remain 70 feet, about 5 car lengths, behind the vehicle.

Car: If you’re behind a car, make sure you have 243 feet, 16 car lengths, in between you and the driver in front of you.

Semi-truck: If a semi-truck is in front of you, you should follow a safe distance of 300 feet, 20 car lengths behind it.

Emergency vehicle: You should make sure you have 500 feet, about 33 car lengths, in between you and the emergency vehicle ahead of you.

The usual rule of thumb is to maintain at least a three-second following distance in order to give you time to react and avoid potential car accidents; however, the three-second rule doesn’t allow for enough time to react when you consider other factors, such as speed and vehicle type. The faster the car in front of you is going, the more you should allow for more space due to the potential impact speed can have on a car accident. When you’re driving in poor weather, it’s better to give yourself more space so you don’t wind up slamming on the brakes on a slick road. New drivers need enough time to react safely to slowed or stopped traffic.

Contact a Roosevelt Boulevard Car Accident Attorney

Safety driving rules can reduce your chances of becoming a victim of a car accident, but it doesn’t eliminate the possibility of a driver being negligent. After an accident, contact the car accident attorneys at Kwartler Manus LLC by calling our office.

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