How to Document Your Injuries After a Philadelphia Car Accident

The aftermath of a car accident is filled with adrenaline and chaos. Accident victims do not realize how severely they are injured until the next day or even a week later. By that point, crucial evidence regarding your injuries is lost. You assume the insurance company will adequately assess and compensate you for your injuries. However, they require proof that the injuries resulted from the latest car accident and not another incident. To provide evidence, you need documentation of your injuries. You need a Philadelphia car crash attorney to garner additional proof of your damages and file a successful claim.

Seek medical attention

The primary way to prove your injuries from a car accident is to seek medical attention immediately. You must focus on your healing and recovery first and foremost. You should accept medical attention at the scene and, if necessary, be transported to a nearby hospital. Due to the adrenaline, many accident victims do not think they are seriously injured. Symptoms are delayed for some injuries. Undergoing a full medical assessment immediately after an accident directly correlates with injuries and the collision. Medical professionals can also find any underlying injuries through their examination.

Create a medical file

After every visit, you should request copies of medical records. The records will provide details of your visit and the treatment plan you are part of. Depending on the severity of your injuries, you may have several different specialists and doctors you need to see. You will need the records of every visit as evidence. Within your medical file, you should have:

  • Medical bills
  • Benefit letters
  • An initial treatment report
  • Test results
  • Medical imaging
  • CDs of medical imaging, if available
  • Questionnaires

Medical bills and treatment are the baselines of what your claim stands on. They will ultimately determine how much compensation you are entitled to. The more evidence you provide of your injuries, the better chance you will have of settling.

Photograph your injuries

While medical treatment and records are crucial to your case, a picture will always speak a thousand words. As soon as you can, take photos of your injuries. You will need to continue to take updated pictures of your injuries periodically. Print out the images you take and write the date you took them. Your smartphone will have a date, but this information can be lost once you print the photos. Make several copies and store them independently should you lose a set.

You should take pictures of your injuries, the accident’s location, and other damages. You should include road hazards, the weather, street signs, and the other vehicle.

Start a journal

Journals are not just for angsty teenagers; they can also serve a legal purpose. You do not have to get a fancy journal or notebook. A blank notebook of any kind will suffice. You will need to get into the habit of writing down your thoughts, recovery progress, and medical treatment in the journal.

Having personal documentation will also help you accurately express how your treatment is going during doctor’s visits. The doctor, as we mentioned, must keep detailed accounts of your progress and changes in your condition. There are also mental injuries to contend with. Mental trauma can present as:

  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • Insomnia
  • Confusion
  • Difficulty with memory

Documenting your thoughts and injuries can seem arduous and counterintuitive. You may want to forget the accident and therefore do not want to write about it. There are two benefits to keeping a journal. The first is for documentation and legal purposes. The second is that writing can help you heal and deal with the collision’s emotions.

Contact a Philadelphia car accident attorney

Ultimately a personal injury claim or a lawsuit will rely on evidence and documentation. Even if you do not want to document your injuries, you should. An organized client is likely to have a smoother time getting through the legal implications of an accident. After an accident, contact Kwartler Manus, LLC using our online contact form or give us a call at (267) 457-5570.

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