How Does a Lawyer Help When Injured in a Philadelphia Car Accident?

After a car accident, victims are left confused and unsure where to turn. The best action is to reach out to a car accident lawyer in Philadelphia. There are several consequences you will suffer after a car accident. Your car insurance premiums will go up, you are injured, and your car will be totaled. You need to recover physically and financially. The question is, how will you be compensated if you were not at fault? You may assume the insurance company will handle the investigation and pay you fairly for your damages. Fair compensation does not always happen, so you need an attorney on your side.

Obtaining evidence

Any claim you file will require evidence. The individuals who have complete access to the scene untouched are the victims. Before emergency services arrive, gather evidence if it is safe to do so. Many car accidents are too severe, and your Philadelphia car accident attorney is required to gather evidence on your behalf. Without evidence, your claim will be difficult to handle successfully. When you retain an attorney, we will gather evidence such as witness statements, pictures and surveillance videos of the collision, etc.

Determining fault

The most critical aspect of a car accident claim is determining who the at-fault party is. Depending on how the accident occurred, this can be difficult. For example, several parties can be held liable if you are involved in a multi-vehicle accident. When a severe accident happens where the drivers cannot recount the accident, police can place fault on the wrong party. An experienced attorney can argue the reality of the collision based on facts and evidence.

Deposing witnesses

If your case goes into litigation, it will be necessary to depose witnesses. Deposing witnesses may not be required during pre-litigation. Witness statements are important because they offer an unbiased account of what happened to cause the accident. Witnesses are hard to find as they may not want to be involved. Through legal action, they can be deposed and help your case.

Review records

There are specific nuances we are looking for regarding your case. There are several different records associated with your car accident. There will be a range of reports, including police reports, medical records, etc. These documents will be critical to your case. A Philadelphia car accident attorney will review these reports when building your accident claim. The insurance company will also be looking for specifics within these records. While reviewing your documents, they are doing so to lower your claim amount. In comparison, your attorney is doing so intending to garner the highest settlement possible.

Negotiate with insurance companies

Economic and non-economic damages can be awarded after a car accident. An injury victim is often aware that they are entitled to recovery of their property damage and medical expenses, but there are other compensation types you are not privy to. An experienced attorney will uncover all of the compensation you are entitled to and negotiate with the insurance company. Insurance adjusters and companies are not keen on compensating injury victims. They will employ a range of tactics to lower or deny claims. Kwartler Manus, LLC knows their tactics and how to counter them to get a favorable settlement.

File a lawsuit

The majority of personal injury cases are resolved in pre-litigation. However, some claims cannot be resolved without filing a lawsuit. If you have a trial attorney on your team, you do not need to worry. Going to trial is something we prepare for in every case. While we do not expect every case to go to a trial, we prepare for the possibility from the beginning. A car accident case has the potential to be settled at any point before reaching trial.

Contact Kwartler Manus, LLC

An attorney plays an essential role in the success of your injury claim. If you do not choose the right attorney, you can leave money on the floor. Contact Kwartler Manus, LLC using the contact form here or give us a call at (267) 457-5570.

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