Full tort vs. Limited Tort

Limited tort and full tort are terms most people have never heard before they are injured in a motor vehicle accident. Yet, your tort selection (limited or full) is an important factor in determining the outcome of your personal injury case.

Why You Should Choose Full Tort

Check your insurance declaration page and you will see on your policy what you have selected (though there are exceptions no matter what your policy says). Though limited tort is cheaper, full tort provides you with the necessary protections. CHANGE YOUR POLICY TO FULL TORT. If you have questions about your insurance call the qualified accident attorneys at Kwartler Manus, LLC. We will be happy to discuss how your insurance affects your rights in a personal injury case.

What You Should Know About Limited Tort

When you select limited tort, you need to sustain a serious impairment of bodily function in order to recover damages (money) for your pain and suffering. Whereas, if you have selected full tort, any pain suffering caused by the accident entitles you to compensation. There is no exact legal definition of what a “serious impairment” means and there are multiple factors that are considered. What you should know is that insurance companies often fight limited tort cases to the bitter end. Additionally, the insurance companies have been known to incorrectly tell their own insureds that they cannot sue for pain suffering because they have selected limited tort. THIS IS FALSE.

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