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When we are recommended a prescription or medical device as patients, we expect it to be safe for us to use, and to improve our conditions. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always happen, and some victims suffer from illnesses or injuries are a result of the drug or device. One of the more recent medical device lawsuits is against Bayer HealthCare, which manufactures the permanent birth control device known as Essure. Currently, more than 17,000 lawsuits have been filed against Bayer, alleging that the company has continued to promote the device as a safe form of birth control despite having knowledge of the serious injuries inflicted by the device.

If you’ve been injured by an Essure device, you need a personal injury lawyer to help you file a claim and pursue maximum compensation for your pain and suffering. Our Philadelphia Essure lawsuit attorneys can help.

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How Does Essure Work?

A permanent birth control device that is offered as an alternative to tubal ligation, Essure consists of metallic coils and polyethylene (PET) fibers that are inserted into the fallopian tubes. The PET fibers create an inflammatory response that causes scar tissue to form around the coils, which creates a barrier that prevents sperm from reaching the eggs.

The are two procedures women must undergo for Essure to take effect. The first is the initial implanting procedure, and the second, which occurs three months after implantation, is a confirmation test to ensure the fallopian tubes are completely blocked.

Essure Vs. IUDs

While both Essure and intrauterine devices (IUDs) involve implants, there are some key differences to be aware of. IUDs are reversible and can be removed, while Essure is permanent. In addition, while IUDs are implanted in the uterus, Essure is implanted in the fallopian tubes. IUDs are considered to be safe generally among women who don’t have heavy periods.

Common Essure Injuries

Women are suing Bayer for a wide range of injuries caused by Essure, some of which were inflicted immediately after implantation.

Injuries caused by Essure include:

  • Hysterectomy
  • Ectopic pregnancies
  • Unintended pregnancies
  • Breakage of inserts
  • Migration of inserts
  • Nickel poisoning
  • Severe menstrual pain
  • Autoimmune disorders
  • Severe abdominal or pelvic pain
  • Heavy Menstrual bleeding
  • Perforation of the uterus, fallopian tubes, and/or other organs

In some of the lawsuits, women report that their devices migrated from their fallopian tubes and cut into nearby organs, while other say their devices broke into pieces inside them. After initial complaints, the FDA required a “black box warning” for Essure in 2016 that would alert customers of the risk of serious or life-threatening events, and in 2018, Bayer announced it would stop selling Essure. However, the company denies wrongdoing.

Additional Allegations

In addition to lawsuits filed against Bayer for their defective devices, complaints also allege negligence, including negligent training, risk management, and express breach of warranty. Lawsuits allege that Bayer failed to properly train doctors to implant the device, and that the company failed to inform the FDA of the 16,047 complaints they received. Individuals have also accused Bayer of claiming their devices were safe and effective in its marketing materials.

While there are currently no class actions, individuals can file lawsuits against Bayer through a lawyer. Our personal injury lawyers in Philadelphia have years of experience helping clients recover from their injuries through effective representation and compassionate service. We prepare tirelessly for our clients and fight for their rights to maximum compensation. You shouldn’t have to suffer more than you already have.

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